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Do I have to repair water damage to my building?

When you experience flooding or other water damage, is it necessary to restore your property? We often associate water damage with flooding, especially since the 2013 Calgary Flood remains fresh in the minds of many Calgarians. However, leaks can be more...

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Why quality paint matters when painting your property

When it comes to property restoration, many services require painting. Whether it’s adding the finishing touches to drywall, or it’s painting the entire exterior of your home, it’s always important to use high quality paint, no matter what the project is. The right...

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How to extend the life of your deck

After a long winter of endless snow, Calgary is finally beginning to see traces of spring emerge. The sun is shining, temperatures have shifted from below zero, and snowdrifts are beginning to melt away. Your thoughts have transitioned to warmer days of joyful...

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What to do when you have water damage in your home

Water damage can arrive at your property in many forms when you least expect it. Your response time is everything when you’re trying to alleviate the potential amount of damage water can have on your property. If you find yourself suddenly having to deal with water...

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