After a long winter of endless snow, Calgary is finally beginning to see traces of spring emerge. The sun is shining, temperatures have shifted from below zero, and snowdrifts are beginning to melt away. Your thoughts have transitioned to warmer days of joyful reunions, and long hours spent on your backyard deck or sky-high patio with your family and friends. But before you pull out your BBQ tools and move in your patio furniture, it’s imperative to assess the current condition of your deck before spending the best of your summer days on it. Keeping your deck looking new season after season isn’t just about looks, but also about ensuring your deck remains in good structural condition.

Every winter, Calgary and its surrounding area experience a mix of record-breaking snowfalls, and record-high days. The variation of extreme elements exposes your property to a potential risk of damage and deck rotting. During the beginning of spring you can help preserve the durability of your deck by washing your deck free or any dirt or debris. The water removal of dirt and debris will eliminate possible mildew growth and can dilute any chemicals or fertilizers that can inadvertently come in contact with surrounding grass and plants. Before using any cleaning solutions on your deck, it’s important to be aware of any harmful effects they may have on your deck and the surrounding environment.

Once you have eliminated the potential for any dirt, debris, or mildew, it’s important to check your deck for any physical deterioration from weathered erosion and water damage accumulated during the winter. Inspect your deck for loose or warped boards, protruding nails, rotting wood, mildew growth, and any other areas that may need to be repaired. Once the surface of your deck has been inspected you should check the structure to ensure any frames and beams are still in good condition. From there, you should also pay special attention to the ledger board. This is the part of the deck connecting to your property, and usually has a metal sheet between the ledger board and your property’s framing to avoid the potential for water damage. If you experience any damage or rust outside of your scope, you should contact an expert. Our expertly trained technicians and inspectors will come in a perform a free assessment and develop a recovery plan to restore your deck back to its perfect condition.

In addition to cleaning and inspecting your deck, you can help the preservation by adding a stain and seal. When picking out a stain, aim to find a one that is water repellent or waterproof, not just ‘water resistant’. You can also find stains that offer UV protection and stains specific to preserving the wood from any mildew. After you’ve added a stain and waited for it to dry, add an effective seal to prevent any future water from permeating into the wood grain.

In the summer your deck becomes an extension of your central living space, so it’s important to properly maintain it not only in the spring but also throughout the year. Proper care and maintenance will increase the longevity of your deck, so you can enjoy for many years to come.

If you are a property owner for a condo and you need your decks inspected or repaired, or homeowner with a backyard patio, or front porch, you can contact us for a free assessment. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on how to restore your property right the first time.