Water & Flood Restoration


Water & Flood Restoration Services


Whether your flood or water damage is brought on by a natural disaster or an accident, water damage can do serious damage to your property and belongings.

Our expert technicians and inspectors are trained to immediately respond to water damage emergencies, develop a recovery plan, then reconstruct and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. 

Calgary and surrounding area often sees flooding in the late spring, but we know that water damage can happen at any time of year, any time of day. Our team members are experts in identifying the cause of the water damage, taking swift action to alleviate the problem, making a plan to repair and restore your property to it’s original condition or even better, and then taking action to fix your property, properly. 

Repairing things right, the first time. That’s our core belief. 


Repairing Water Damage


We will help you stop the water damage quickly, ensure your property is safe and then begin the process of drying out your home or rental property.

Equipped with specialized drying equipment, combined with many years of experience in dealing with disasters, our team at Streamside, will give you the comfort needed to relax, knowing the right team is going to take care of you and your real estate asset. 

To learn more about water damage and how Streamside Property Restoration can help you, please check out our blog. 

You can trust us to repair things right, the first time.


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