Water damage can arrive at your property in many forms when you least expect it. Your response time is everything when you’re trying to alleviate the potential amount of damage water can have on your property. If you find yourself suddenly having to deal with water damage, you can take immediate preventative action to protect your property by following these steps:

1. Stop the water at its source. The first consideration when evaluating water damage is finding the source. If it’s safe to do so, cut the water off by shutting off the water at the source to prevent any further damage from occurring to your property. One of the most common sources of water damage originates from a burst pipe or leaking water pipes.

2. Remove the water. After you alleviate the source of the water, take the time to remove any excess water from the area. You can do this with the assistance of a mop, or a broom, or any other tool you may have on your property to assist in removing any excess water out of the area.

3. Ventilate the affected area to prevent the potential growth of mold or mildew. Mold can set in as soon as 24 hours after water damage has occurred, so it’s crucial to start the drying and ventilating process as soon as possible.

4. Inspect for mildew and mold growth. You will need to check the walls, ceilings, and carpets for signs of mold and mildew. Visual signs of active mold growth mean moisture is still present. If you notice an odor, or see black or green spots building up, it’s important to contact a professional for help as you may have a mold problem.

5. Notify your insurance company of any water damage. Your home insurance will cover many types of water damage, but not all water damage. It’s important to review your policy if you are uncertain because different policies have certain conditions, restrictions, and exclusions. Whether your insurance company covers the water damage or not, it’s imperative to take immediate action to protect your property from water damage.

If water damage is left unattended, it can detrimentally impact the structure of your property, or produce other complications, including mold and mildew that pose a health risk to those residing on the property.

Whether your water damage is brought on by a pipe bursting during cold temperatures, or a basement flood caused by warm chinook winds, we have expert-trained technicians and inspectors to immediately respond to water damage emergencies on your property. We will develop a recovery plan, then reconstruct and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.