Whether you notice a small water stain on your ceiling or a little drop under your sink, both can lead to bigger, more costly problems. Water damage has now become one of the leading causes of personal property insurance claims. What makes water damage especially problematic is that it can easily go unnoticed, and if it is left untreated it can cause extensive damage to your property. If you suspect you may have water damage on your property, keep reading for indicators to help detect if water damage is present on your property.

Ceiling discolouration

If you start to notice brown stains or soft patches beginning to appear on your ceiling it is likely due to an active leak or a build up of condensation coming from your roof. 

If you suspect a hidden water leak, finding the source is the first step to putting a stop to stains and soft patches on your ceiling. You may also see similar stains or soft patches appearing on your walls.

Weakened flooring

The wood from your floor acts like a sponge so water damage to wooden floors can be very common. Due to wood being so absorbent, the longer you wait to take action with water damage, the more the moisture will continue to travel and spread out throughout your floors causing warping, buckling and loose flooring. If left entirely untreated, the wooden flooring may start to decompose and break apart altogether.

Damaged drywall

Drywall doesn’t need much exposure to water before it begins to crack and become brittle. If you notice cracking, peeling, or crumbling on your walls there could be moisture present. If the untreated water damage is left, mold-infested water will continue to damage your walls.

Musty odors

Trapped moisture due to undetected water can cause odors to be present. Odors from water damage may be immediately noticeable or may occur some time after the initial cause is resolved and the water has been removed. Some odors are directly related to the source of water that has inundated the property; while others are residual due to bacterial and fungal growth that typically accompany water damage.

What happens if I leave the water damage untreated?

Any moisture or water will instantly weaken the structure of building materials that are not designed to be water-resistant. Any natural materials will begin to decompose and become weaker over time. This includes the building envelope that is the structure of your property. The dark moist environment inside your ceiling and walls will become conducive for mold and bacterial growth which can have devastating effects on your health and your property.

When to call a professional

If you have any indications of water damage present on your property you can contact Streamside Property Restoration to assist you. We have expertly trained technicians and inspectors to immediately respond to water damage.