When it comes to property restoration, many services require painting. Whether it’s adding the finishing touches to drywall, or it’s painting the entire exterior of your home, it’s always important to use high quality paint, no matter what the project is. The right paint, the right prep work and the right painters can all affect the outcome of your restoration project.

High quality paint is essential when it comes to keeping your property looking premium. Paint serves as a coating of protection against any weathering or dirt and dust, and high quality paint will actually last for a longer period of time. Choosing the right paint is key to getting the job done properly.

Longer Lasting

The most important aspect of high quality paint is that it will last longer.  It provides high-performance coverage that lasts longer as opposed to a cheaper paint. Using high quality paint will ensure your interior and exterior walls look good while lasting longer, and will hold up against any regular weathering from Calgary’s variable seasons.

Getting the Most out of One Can

In addition to lasting longer, high quality paint doesn’t require as many coats, which means you won’t need as many cans of paint for your project.  Premium brands like Cloverdale, make the most out of a one-coat paint application with their advanced formulas.

Increased Durability

High quality paint is built to endure. It will show less wear and tear over time because it has the capability to resist dirt and dust. Exterior paints can also protect from any potential water damage to your property in all types of environmental conditions.

Proper Preparation

Whether you are painting the interior or the exterior of your property, surface preparation is key.  Before any paint is applied it’s important to inspect your surfaces. Ensure your surface is dust-free by removing any loose material through the process of power washing or using a wire brush. Additionally, taking the time to smooth out any rough areas or patch up holes will make the application of your paint smoother. Following these simple preparation tips will prevent fewer touch-ups and maintenance down the road.

Paint quality matters when it comes to painting your property. At Streamside we understand the value of high quality paint and we work with the best products to meet your budget and provide the best. Quality workmanship is the foundation of our culture and that’s why we do it right the first time. Click here to book a free consultation and get a free estimate.